Achievement is Permanent is something completely different than what we do on a daily basis.

It’s an exciting competition to design an iconic artwork for the most recognized skydive drop zone in New Zealand!

We are encouraging emerging and creative designers to get their name above and beyond by creating an artwork that will be worn by thousands of people all around the world.

We are proud of New Zealand and the Maori culture, and represent these passions on our plane - with a pink twist! And the goal here is to find a design that will represent who we are and where we’re from. 


Skydive Taupo is a well-established and recognized brand in the Tourism Industry in New Zealand.

We care deeply about our guests, and our passionate team embraces customer service as priority number one.

Skydivers of all ages are welcome to jump with us, however 90% of our guests are in their 20’s and 60% of them are visitors from Europe.

The on site security is done by Sky, our lovely cat, who sticks around the hangar even when there’s no one else there. Easy to find her pictures on our social media platforms – everyone loves Sky.

“Pinky” is what we call our aircraft – a PAC750XL – that has been “tattooed” with Maori patterns in respect to the land and culture we live in. And the colours happen to be white and pink. The question here is ‘why not?’


C’mon, we own a pink plane! We celebrate creativity, and we would like creativity to reign here!

Our team is fun and our soul is young. We love adventure, people, good music, and laughs… lots of laughs!

Can you make a design that represents that vibe? That’s what we’re looking for.

And a few other things you need to know:

-       The intention is that the winning design will be printed on T-shirts, hoodies and any other merchandise Skydive Taupo may wish to use it on.

-       Ideally the design would have only one color, as we would like to print it on different coloured fabrics.

-       Designers are welcome to make a second design as part of their entry, which could be used on the back of the apparel.

-       The design must be submitted as a jpeg file, digitalized in high resolution and fit within the measurements: 25cm wide and 35cm high.

-       Designers can enter as many designs as they want.

-       All designs will be viewed, but an acknowledgment e-mail may not be sent.

-       You can find our logo and some relevant pictures on:

Last tips: before you submit your design, have a think:

-       Is it original?

-       Does it bring an idea behind it?

-       Is it relevant to Skydive Taupo?


By submitting a design to this competition:

-       The designer agrees that from the date of submission of the entry, if they are the winner of the competition, they assign to Skydive Taupo all copyright and other intellectual property rights in the design with full title, together with a waiver of all moral rights to the design which they may be entitled to under the Copyright Act 1994 or at common law.  The winning designer also agrees to take such steps and actions, including signing any relevant documents, as reasonably requested by Skydive Taupo in order to ensure that Skydive Taupo receives the full benefit of the assignation referred to in this paragraph.

-      If a design entered into the competition is not ultimately selected as the winner, ownership of all intellectual property rights in and to that design will revert to the designer.

-      The designer represents and warrants that the design is original and is exclusively their own work, and does not comprise or incorporate any copyright or other intellectual property rights owned by another person.

-      The winning design may be subject to minor alterations or adjustments by Skydive Taupo before use.

-      If none of the competition entries are deemed appropriate, Skydive Taupo reserves the right to establish its own design.  If this is the case, a winner will still be selected and prize awarded accordingly but Skydive Taupo has no obligation to use the design.


Submissions are open until 30th November 2017.

All designs will be viewed and the winner will be announced live on our Facebook page at 10am – NZ time – on Wednesday, 6th December 2017.

Note:  Skydive Taupo reserves the right to extend the competition deadline, and date for announcing results, at its discretion.

We have joined forces with a few mates and put together a wicked NZ holiday pack for you:

-       A Kiwi Experience Funky Chicken pass – (a loop around North and South Islands).

-       Guided visit to the world famous Hobbiton.

-       Incredible caving experience ‘Black Labyrinth’ with The Legendary Black Water Rafting Co.

-       2 nights accommodation at Base Taupo.

-       The best sailing trip to the Maori carvings on Lake Taupo with Sail Barbary.

-       The most exciting jet boat ride with Rapids Jet.

-       A 15,000ft skydive with photos and video package with Skydive Taupo.

-       $200 Prezzy card.



E-mail your design to


Fear is temporary.

Achievement is permanent!