Birthday Special

Make your birthday one to remember this year!

We have 3 awesome options available for the birthday special. You can either:

Pay for a 12,000ft skydive and get a FREE upgrade to 15,000ft

Pay for either a 12,000ft ($279) or 15,000ft ($359) skydive, and get a FREE Handycam video and photo package

Upgrade the FREE Handycam to the Orbit (+$50) or Monty (+$140) packages

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Handycam option

The FREE Handycam is taken from two cameras on your tandem master's wrist. This option includes 4 interviews during your skydive, it also captures your reaction to the canopy opening as well as flying around under parachute! 


Orbit option

For an additional $50 you can choose the Orbit option.  This is filmed by a separate skydiver who will interact with you during freefall and capture the aerial shots of your skydive.  They will leave you once your parachute opens but will be on the ground to film your landing. 


If you would like the “Full Monty" package with both the Handycam and Orbit footage it would cost you an additional $140, normally $300!

This promotion is only valid for direct bookings and proof of ID will be asked for.  If your birthday falls mid-week, we will honour the special on the weekends either side of it.  Not valid for our 9,000ft or 18,500ft jumps.

To book, simply mention the birthday package in the comments of your online booking and remember to bring your ID along on the day!