Our Pink Plane 

For the Maori people, the native people of Aotearoa New Zealand, Manaakitanga is the hospitality, the kindness, generosity, support, respect and care for others.

We, at Skydive Taupo, take this concept very seriously. Our focus as hosts is to make our guests feel comfortable, safe, and welcome at all times.  In respect to the Maori heritage, we covered our plane with meaningful symbols of our culture.

The North Island, according to the Maori legend, was a fish that the demi-god Maui managed to catch from the deep seas. 

With a bit of imagination, if you look at the map of the North Island you could also see “Te Ika A Maui” (The Great Fish of Maui). The Fish Hook you see on the tail of our plane refers to this tale, apart for being considered by the Maoris a symbol of strength, good luck, and safe travels.

The Koru is the Maori pattern inspired on the spiral shape of the unfurling silver fern frond, and it symbolizes peace, growth, new life, new beginning, the perpetual movement, a start of a new life.

That is what we wanted to represent with the korus on the side of our plane, the start of a new life “post-skydiving”. We’ve seen throughout the years we’ve operated, how incredibly happy, and amazed people get with themselves after having overcome fear, and insecurity. It takes a lot of courage to leap out of plane.

In Maori mythology, the word Kaitiaki means caregiver. Kaitiaki is the actual concept of protection of the sky, the sea, and the land. Taniwha is a strong kaitiaki, who helped and protect the Maoris on their journey to find Aotearoa New Zealand.  The drawings on the bottom of our plane’s wings are two Taniwha, and they represent guardianship to our whanau (extended family) and yours.