Qualmark Skydive Taupo

Qualmark is an independent organisation that helps tourism business around New Zealand to keep high standards of quality. The three pillars of quality are: 

“Light Footprint”: This assures you that Skydive Taupo is an eco-friendly organization.

“Safe and Sound”: We’ll keep you safe from pick up to drop off at your accommodation.

“Warm Welcome”: At Skydive Taupo we refer to the Maori hospitality, a.k.a. Manaakitanga. We endeavour to provide the best experience to every one of our guests equally.

Having a Qualmark Silver Stamp is a reassurance to our guests that we never stop learning, that we care about our country, and the visitors who decide to join us for an experience of a lifetime.

Find out more about Qualmark and their involvement in the tourism industry in New Zealand.

Delivery of fun, exhilarating and safe skydives is not the only reason Skydive Taupo are proud. 

We also pride ourselves on reducing the environmental impact by employing sustainable business practices in order to reduce the impact on our land. Starting from the basics give us the foundation to be a great Eco-friendly company. 

This is what we’ve been doing:

Energy efficiency:

  • Use of energy saving light bulbs

  • Switch off when not in use

  • Checklist ensuring that electrical equipment is turned off at night

  • Use of re-chargeable batteries

Waste Management:

  • Use of digital communication and marketing, and electronic recording of data. Reduce of paper usage

  • Recycling materials well separated onsite

  • Air blade hand driers in all bathrooms

  • Use of only environmental friendly cleaning products

  • Reducing the waste of water


  • Economical use of company vehicles and aircraft

  • Smoke free environment

  • Reduction of noise pollution through planned flights over least populated areas

  • Native trees and plants planted around the Skydive Taupo property

And beyond:

  • Skydive Taupo chooses its suppliers based on their environmental responsibilities, and endeavour to deal mostly with NZ owned and operated partners